“NIL” is the term used to associate with student-athletes ability to earn money off their individual brand. As of July 1, 2021, student-athletes across the country can now profit off their name, image, and likeness. Prior to July 1st, 2021, a student-athlete could not monetize from creating a YouTube channel, hosting a camp, or selling a signed jersey. Now, for example, a student-athlete may earn money for:

No. Friends of Rocky is a third-party organization, not affiliated with the University of Toledo. However, Friends of Rocky leadership is comprised, in part, by University of Toledo alumni dedicated to creating a program that exclusively benefits the student-athletes, fans, and businesses in the community.

Yes! If there is a custom opportunity you would like to create with an University of Toledo student-athlete, we will do our best to facilitate the engagement.

Friends of Rocky is always looking to add value to fans, student-athletes, and businesses in the community. Partnering with a local student-athlete can be a great extension of your brand and help expand your marketing. If you have ideas for partnership opportunities, please email

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